Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nishioka vs Donaire/Toshiaki vs Nonito Live Exclusive PPV Boxing Preview, Tickets & More On Fox.TV - 13Th,Oct!

Toshiaki Nishioka vs Nonito Donaire Live Stream Online Sopcast, Time & More!
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UPCOMING INFO : Toshiaki Nishioka vs Nonito Donaire
COMPETITION NAME : Donaire's WBO Titles 2012
COMPETITOR : Nishioka vs Donaire
DATE : Saturday, 13Th,Oct,2012
TIME/WHEN START : 10:00 PM {ET} / 07:00 PM {PT}
VENUE : Carson, Calif. 
Nishioka vs Donaire Live Streaming Odds Boxing {WBO Titles} Preview, Tickets @ Carson On Boxing Star.TV!


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{@} Toshiaki Nishioka vs Nonito Donaire Live Spot Update :-

BOB ARUM:- I am delighted to be on this call. Everybody that has any connection with boxing is excited about this card. The 122 lb. championship that will be defended by Nonito Donaire is going to be a classic. I had the opportunity to watch Toshiaki Nishioka when he fought Rafael Márquez and he is a terrific fighter and we know that Nonito is one of the great fighters in boxing but he’s going to have his hands full. I believe that his fight with Nishioka will be as exciting and as interesting as the co-feature with Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado at The Home Depot Center. We have sold over 5,000 tickets and looking for a crowd of around 7,000 which will be a virtual sell-out.

CAMERON DUNKIN:- This is a fight that Nonito has wanted for a very long time. Nishioka is a great fighter. This is the kind of fight that Nonito, who is one of the great fighters fighting today and also in history, these are the kinds of fights that you get excited about because this is really a historic fight.

ROBERT GARCIA:- Nishioka is a great fighter and the best in the division. He is ranked as the best super bantamweight in the world. It’s going to be a really tough fight but Nonito has been training really hard and he has to come out and perform and do what he’s been doing so far.

NONITO DONAIRE:- Training camp has been going excellent. We had our last sparring yesterday and we are mentally prepared and physically prepared for this big fight next weekend and we are going to put the game plan in the works and come out of this fight victorious.What do you think about the fact Nishioka has not fought much recently?

NONITO DONAIRE:- I think that being older and being a veteran their record is never as bad as it is. We have been training really hard for this fight – we don’t want to take any chances at all. I believe when we are at this level and at this age and even if he hasn’t fought in a while he can be very dangerous.You have been winning and dominating but three fights in a row without a spectacular KO…

NONITO DONAIRE:- We have been fighting the fights and getting the victories and I think that’s what counts most. These guys I have been fighting are world champions and they are at the top of their game. Sometimes you don’t get the results that people look for. People expect a lot from me. We have been trying to change things up to get different results. Against Nishioka we can’t let our guard down and going back to the old Nonito Donaire style of fighting smart.Nishioka has not been stopped since his second pro fight in ’95 – how much would it mean to get the KO?

NONITO DONAIRE:- When it comes it comes but the proper game plan will show my power which is what I was known for – lightning fast counters that were knocking people out because they never saw it coming. No matter how tough you are, if you don’t see where it’s coming from, you don’t expect it and it will knock you down.

ROBERT GARCIA:- We all know when the guys move up in weight the punches get stronger and the opponents have all been world-class fighters so it is more difficult to get the KO. It won’t be easy against Nishioka but at the beginning of training camp Nonito told me he wanted to come in and do it the way he used to do it – picking them apart little by little then knocking them out. He’s been doing it in training against lightweights, super lightweights – he’s been landing beautiful punches and combinations and I have no doubt he will do it against Nishioka. I am not pushing or asking for the knockout but in training he has been doing the right thing and if he performs like he did in training I will be happy with him.How do you think Nishioka will try to get the job done?

NONITO DONAIRE:- One thing he will try to do is land the straight that is difficult to do against me. Aside from that, I haven’t seen any tape that he can do damage with. He did great against Márquez, but Márquez is a lot slower than me. A lot of those punches won’t land with me with power. But we are very worried and very mindful of that advantage he has.How much is he being a southpaw a problem for you?

NONITO DONAIRE:- It is not so bad. I have sparred with a lot of southpaws over the years. Darchinyan was a notable southpaw and I knocked him out. And Márquez was one of the guys I took apart as well when I did decide to turn it on. We are mindful he is a southpaw. I try to do the things that are difficult for me against a southpaw and that’s one thing we figured out.How is the drug testing going?

NONITO DONAIRE:- Pretty good. A couple of days ago they showed up at my door and took 4 tubes of blood – the last time they only took 2. You never know when they’ll come in. I really believe in it. It’s good for boxing – it’s random so you really can’t hide anything at all.

The 2012 year for the sport of boxing saw some major ups and downs. There were numerous disappointments of big fights never actually happening, such as the Brandon Rios vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa fight that was supposed to take place back in April.If major fights like Rios vs. Gamboa actually occurred as planned, then boxing could have had a really amazing 2012.

Brandon Rios ended up fighting replacement Richard Abril that night instead, in what many of us sitting ringside viewed as a gift decision awarded to Rios, who seemed to be outboxed for most of the fight.Of course the ever frustrating Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. fight seemed to escape us for yet another year making the fans, media and everyone else get teased and slapped in the face yet again.

One of the best all-action fights of 2012 so far, Mike Alvarado vs. Mauricio Herrera, was actually on the same card as Rios vs. Abril. Both Alvarado and Herrera went to war and traded bombs, with Alvarado dominating the crowd-friendly exchanges, which earned him a unanimous decision that night.

Alvarado will be facing Brandon Rios next Saturday at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Ca. in what many are already calling the second coming of Gatti vs. Ward.With the final three months of 2012 now upon us, let's take a look at some significant fights that could be the best fight of the final quarter of 2012 for the sport of boxing.