Tuesday, 5 June 2012

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UPCOMING INFO : Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley
COMPETITION NAME : Pacquiao's WBO Title 2012
COMPETITOR : Pacquiao vs Bradley
DATE : Saturday, 09Th,Jun,2012
TIME/WHEN START : 09:00 PM {ET} / 06:00 PM {PT}
VENUE : Las Vegas 

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{@} Is Bradley made to order for Pacquiao?

By John F. McKenna (McJack): Despite what Top Rank CEO Bob Arum would have us believe it may be that undefeated WBO light welterweight champion Timothy Bradley (28-0-1 NC, 12 KO’s) is the perfect opponent for WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 KO’s).

“Desert Storm” is indeed a very good fighter. For starters, Bradley is undefeated and indisputably has figured out how to be a winner in all of his fights so far, save for the one “no contest” on his record. Timothy undeniably is quick and rugged and is in very good condition as evidenced by his sculpted physique.
But lets be honest, Manny has been having good fighters for breakfast over the last several years. As well conditioned as Bradley is, the rap that accompanies his resume is that he lacks KO power. That could be a huge problem for Timothy. Manny will not have a problem finding Bradley who figures to bore straight in an effort to inflict the maximum amount of punishment he can on “Pacman”.

And as quick as Bradley is, by his own admission Pacquiao is quicker. Bradley also concedes that Manny has more power than he does. Those are advantages that could play a major role in who emerges victorious next Saturday night. Unlike the master tactician Juan Manuel Marquez, Bradley is not an elite counter puncher. Marquez in his November battle with Pacquiao demonstrated that he has steel nerves. To use football terminology Marquez was able to “stay in the pocket” so to speak until the last possible fraction of a second to unleash his counters against Pacquiao. It is very unlikely that Bradley has enough experience at this stage of his career to pull off anything remotely close to what “El Dinamita” was able to do last November.

In addition Bradley will not be able to fall back on the vast resources of experience that Pacquiao can. It is unlikely that even if Manny has begun to fade it has progressed to the point that it will be detectable in his match with Bradley. Ring experience against the kinds of opponents Manny has faced cannot be manufactured. The caliber of opponents “Pacman” has faced, are on a much higher level than those faced by “Desert Storm”.

Lastly, although Bradley is acknowledged to have a good chin, just how good it is will not be known until he clashes with Pacquiao next Saturday night.

{@} Roach: If Pacquiao looks bad against Bradley, I’ll tell him to retire :-

By Chris Williams: The Manny Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 KO’s) gravy train could potentially come to a screeching halt this Saturday night if he loses to undefeated Timothy Bradley (28-0, 12 KO’s).

 Pacquiao has already had four consecutive less than spectacular outings and his last one against Juan Manuel Marquez was good enough for him to deserve a big ‘L’
on his record but two of the judges thought Pacquiao well enough to win.
Roach told the Associated Press “If he [Pacquiao] looks bad, he retires. At least I’ll tell him to, And he may be the first one to listen to me.”

don’t think for a second that Pacquiao will retire if he gets beaten by Bradley, even if he really does listen to Roach and like the idea. The problem is Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum will likely resist the idea of his biggest money maker hanging up his gloves permanently, I can see him persuading Pacquiao to fight on, albeit against his beatable Top Rank stable fighters.

If Arum puts Pacquiao on the easy road of facing one after another of his Top Rank fighters, Arum might be able to drag Pacquiao’s career out for another three years. Look what Arum did with Miguel Cotto. After he got whipped by Antonio Margarito and Pacquiao, Arum put Cotto on easy street for the next two years, matching him against one easy opponent after another until Cotto eventually left Top Rank and was immediately beaten by Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his first fight away from Top Ran.

Roach isn’t too worried about Bradley beating the money man Pacquia, saying to AP “Manny should eat him up…I think Manny should look really good in this fight.”

Yeah, like he looked great in his last fight against Marquez. Pacquiao was supposed to look good against the 38-year-old Marquez and he looked the opposite of great. He looked terrible.’

Roach wants Pacquiao not to face Marquez after this Saturday’s fight. Instead, Roach prefers that he face former WBA lightweight champion Brandon Rios in what would be a fight that Pacquiao could probably win if he was 50. It looks like Roach is looking for an easy fight for Pacquiao if he’s able to get past Bradley.

It’s got to be a real downer for Roach if Pacquiao retires, because he’s very well paid by the Filipino fighter for each fight he works for him. I doubt there will be any Pacquiao-type fighters coming into Roach’s world that will pay as well Pacquiao did.