Friday, 10 August 2012

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Benson Henderson vs Frankie Edgar Live Streaming PPV UFC Fight Time & More!
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UPCOMING INFO : Benson Henderson vs Frankie Edgar
COMPETITION NAME : UFC 150 Henderson vs. Edgar 2 2012
COMPETITOR : Henderson vs Edgar
DATE : Saturday, 11Th,Aug,2012
TIME/WHEN START : 10:00 PM {ET} / 07:00 PM {PT}
VENUE : Pepsi Center (CO), DENVER.

Benson Henderson vs Frankie Edgar Live Streaming PPV "UFC 150 Henderson vs. Edgar 2" Fight Preview & More On Fox.TV!


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UFC 150 sounded like a pretty good time for the Caged In staff here at Bleacher Report to start doing predictions for UFC pay per view events. So that's exactly what we're doing.

Ithe following pages, myself, Jonathan Snowden, Matt Roth, Duane Finley, Scott Harris and John Heinis will take you through each of the five main-card fights from this Saturday's big lightweight title-headlined event from Denver. We'll tell you who's going to win each fight, and we might even tell you why.Ideally, you should be just a little bit smarter after reading this. But we're not promising anything.

Jeremy Botter: I'm one of those folks who thought the first fight between Henderson and Edgar wasn't even all that close; I thought Henderson took the bout, and easily. So you can imagine my prediction here. Henderson isn't just a much bigger fighter than Edgar—he's simply a better all-around fighter. He'll nullify Edgar's speed by using his size. Henderson by unanimous decision.

Jonathan Snowden: I don't see a single reason to pick anyone but Henderson in this fight. As spirited as Edgar is, he's undersized and outgunned here. Maybe this will be the final straw that forces him to drop to 145 pounds? More than anything else heading into 2013, I'd love to see Edgar and Rashad Evans, two small wrestlers with big hearts, fighting in their appropriate weight classes. Henderson by decision.

Matt Roth: I'm picking purely with my heart here. I'm a New Jersey native and will always pick Frankie Edgar, no matter what. He's proven that he can beat the best that lightweight has to offer in the past and I believe he can do it again. His wrestling and boxing are outstanding, which should be the difference maker. Edgar via decision.

Duane Finley: The first match up between these two was about as even as they come. Edgar was able to put Henderson on his back throughout the fight while "Smooth" was able to score in the exchanges. I normally wouldn't see a second tangle going much different, but over past two years, Edgar has been able to add a new wrinkle when it comes to immediate rematches. Add this in with me picking against him in every rematch and I'll say I've learned my lesson. I see Edgar solving the puzzle of Henderson and reclaiming the title. Edgar via unanimous decision.

Scott Harris: I love me some Frankie. But the size and athleticism gaps will again prove a bridge too far for the former champ. The masses calling for Edgar's drop to featherweight will morph from loosely organized militia to unruly mob after Saturday night. Henderson by unanimous decision.

John Heinis: I may end up looking stupid again, but I think Edgar wins this rematch. He looked way better in his rematches with BJ Penn and Gray Maynard than he did in the first respective encounters, so I see that trend continuing here. Also, I truly believe Edgar would've won the first fight if he didn't get hit with that crushing upkick. I don't think that happens again. Edgar by unanimous decision.