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Harrison vs Price/Audley vs David Live Exclusive PPV Boxing Preview, Tickets & More On Fox.TV - 13Th,Oct!

Audley Harrison vs David Price Live Stream In Demand Boxing Tickets & More!
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UPCOMING INFO : Audley Harrison vs David Price
COMPETITION NAME : Price's British Title 2012
COMPETITOR : Harrison vs Price
DATE : Saturday, 13Th,Oct,2012
TIME/WHEN START : 03:00 PM {ET} / 12:00 AM {PT}
VENUE : Liverpool, England. 
Harrison vs Price Live Streaming Odds Boxing {Price's British Title} Preview, Tickets @ England On FOX.TV!


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By Scott Gilfoid:- The man that should be given all the credit for a victory for 40-year-old Audley Harrison (28-5, 21 KO’s) this Saturday night over British heavyweight champion David Price (13-0, 11 KO’s) is the talented 6’7″ American Deontay Wilder (25-0, 25 KO’s), who gave Harrison four weeks of absolutely priceless sparring to get him ready for the 6’8″ Price.

Wilder, 26, is perhaps the biggest puncher in the heavyweight division at this time, and his right hand is already becoming legendary with him knocking guys out with one shot over and over again. Wilder is on a course for a heavyweight title. However, he was good enough to help out Harrison with a bit of sparring after getting a good offer to come join his camp recently. Wilder wasn’t the only talented fighter that helped Harrison out. He also had unbeaten Malik Scott (35-0) and Joe Hanks (20-0) lending a hand as well.

This trio of heavyweights have got to be the best set of heavyweights that could ever be used to get someone ready for a big fight. If Harrison gets beaten by Price you can’t say it was because he was ill-prepared for the encounter. If anything, you could say Harrison was too prepared, if that’s possible. But the time spent with Wilder is going to definitely help Harrison in this fight, because Wilder is a much bigger puncher than Price, with better hand speed and much better athleticism.

I’m just hoping that Harrison is still cogent after spending the four long weeks sparring with Wilder day after day, because Harrison already admitted that Wilder “Punches like a mule’ and that he was often with clean shots from him day after day. Harrison did have a slight advantage that may have helped him make it out of the camp in one piece in that Wilder was wearing 16 ounce gloves and Harrison was wearing headgear to protect him from Wilder’s heat-seeking missiles from his right hand.

Harrison and Price will be meeting up this Saturday at what will likely be a packed Echo Arena in Liverpool, England. For Harrison, this is definitely a do or die fight. He can’t afford to lose if he wants to remain relevant. For Price, he needs this victory to try and break the top 15 in the world rankings. A loss to Harrison would be a huge blow to his career and it would affirm the opinion that a lot of boxing fans have of Price having a glass jaw.

THERE was a time when to be British heavyweight champion meant you were one of the most famous faces in the land.From Jack Palmer in 1905 to today’s title holder David Price, the British heavyweight crown has passed through 50 sets of gloves in 107 years.

A shot at the world title was a rarity, so the British title was very much the pinnacle of the sport, held by such names as Henry Cooper, Don Cockell, Tommy Farr and Bombadier Billy Wells, who made the most defences – 14 – and was mobbed when he walked down any street in the land.It is not quite the same today – but that could all change this Saturday night in Liverpool as Price defends his belt against Audley Harrison, when a crowd of 8,000 is expected.

It all began to change in the Eighties as the rising number of world titles diluted the scene, to the extent that only boxing anoraks can recall David Pearce, Neville Meade and Gordon Ferris – all British heavyweight champions.Liverpudlian Price is hoping his reign will not only leapfrog him towards the global stage, but will also give the British belt a much-needed shot in the arm .

“I’m very proud to be the British champion and it is something that can never be taken away from me,” said Price. “If you asked me what I would want to win as a boxer, it would be two things: to be called British champion and world champion.

“The British title still means a lot, but there are so many world titles the whole system has got watered down. There is still only one British champion at any one time, though, and that makes it special.”Price aims to send a message that he is ready for a step up to world class by beating Harrison and setting up a possible showdown with either David Haye or Tyson Fury.