Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Monson vs Duffee/Jeff vs Todd Live Exclusive PPV Odds {SFL-4} Fight Preview & More On Fox.TV - 29Th,Sep!

Jeff Monson vs Todd Duffee Live Exclusive PPV Odds SFL-4 Fight Preview & More!
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UPCOMING INFO : Jeff Monson vs Todd Duffee
COMPETITION NAME : SFL 4 Super Fight League 4 2012
COMPETITOR : Monson vs Duffee
DATE : Saturday, 29Th,Sep,2012
TIME/WHEN START : 10:00 PM {ET} / 07:00 PM {PT}
VENUE : Unknown

SFL:4 Super Fight League 4 - Live Streaming PPV Odds Fight Preview, Tickets @ ATLANTIC!


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