Friday, 20 July 2012

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Vicente Escobedo vs Adrien Broner Live Stream HBO Boxing Preview & More!

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UPCOMING INFO : Vicente Escobedo vs Adrien Broner
COMPETITION NAME : Broner's WBO Title 2012
COMPETITOR : Escobedo vs Broner
DATE : Saturday, 21St,Jul,2012
TIME/WHEN START : 10:00 PM {ET} / 07:00 PM {PT}
VENUE : Cincinnati, Ohio

Vicente Escobedo vs Adrien Broner Live Streaming PPV HBO Boxing {Broner's WBO Title} @ Ohio!


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Adrien Broner will put his undefeated record and WBO Super Featherweight Championship on the line Saturday night against Vicente Escobedo, and his appearances usually guarantee a show.

If you haven't heard of Broner, it's only a matter of time before you get exposed to the man they call "The Problem." He's the next polarizing figure in boxing, and it's likely you'll either love him or hate him.

If he sounds a lot like Floyd Mayweather, Jr., that's no accident. Broner seems to pattern his style after the all-time great. From some of his defensive posturing, punching angles, bravado and in-ring attire, he clearly is inspired by Money.

Who could blame him? At 24 years old, it's likely he has grown up watching Mayweather dazzle his way to an undefeated pro record. His style, while controversial, has made him a ton of cash and Broner is on the same path.

Take a look at Broner in this interview with the legendary Roy Jones, Jr. for HBO's Portrait of a Fighter:
There is one huge difference between Money and the Problem (sounds like the name of fictitious Rick Ross CD), and that is in the punching power department. Mayweather is a decent puncher that excels mostly with speed, boxing IQ and extraordinary reflexes.

Will that power provide another win, and the first KO loss for the tough Escobedo? Ultimately that question will be answered on Saturday night.

The Problem has the look of a truly elite fighter. The 23-0 record with 19 KOs doesn't taint that portrait. Those numbers add up to an amazing 82.61 percent KO percentage.

His explosive punching power is rarely seen at 130 pounds. He also has great hand speed, and very good instincts. But despite his stellar record and obvious skills, he's still improving.

Some may see him as a brash, overconfident knucklehead.

But Broner is a student of the game, and a hard worker; much like Mayweather. He shows advanced ring generalship at this point in his career, and consistently controls the tempo in his fights.

One issue I noticed in his fight against Daniel Ponce de Leon was that he was trying to set up the one big shot. It's a natural tendency for a young fighter with turn-off-the-lights power, but it can get him into trouble.

Ponce de Leon used Broner's concentration on the power shot to his advantage. It allowed him to survive, and he's the only fighter to have gone the distance with Broner in three years.

This is obviously very correctable, and I didn't notice it as much in his three fights since then. He completely dismantled Eloy Perez in his last fight in February, and the growth was apparent.

Broner can be a little agitating, but there is no denying his awesome ability.

Escobedo was once a very highly touted fighter in his own right. He represented the United States in the Olympics in 2004, but he didn't medal.

In his pro career, he showed promise, but he dropped the two biggest fights of his career. One of those losses came to Robert Guerrero, and the other to Michael Katsidis.

At 30 years old, Escobedo is who he is.
He doesn't possess superior hand speed, and he has decent, but not explosive power. He does have a very solid chin, as he has never been stopped in 30 professional fights. He has a solid jab that could be a problem for The Problem.

Here is a clip of Escobedo against Rocky Juarez from September. He won this fight by unanimous decision: